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24 Hour Play Pass

2 to 8 players Per Booking

24 Play Hour Pass     $85.00 + $35 registration fee 

Expires three months from the date of purchase

Number of Hours: 24

Cost:  $85                                              


DOUBLES PLAY (minimum four players)

  • One punch each player each hour

Singles Play

  • Two punches each player each hour

Terms and Conditions

  • Play Card is required to be punched upon entry to the club on every visit.

  • The safe keeping of the card is the holder’s responsibility. We have no record of how many punches have been used.

  • Lost or stolen cards are not replaced. You may renew it or pay the guest fee

  • Play Cards are exclusive to you. They cannot be shared with guests.

  • Play Cards are non-refundable and non transferrable. 

  • Play Cards are valid Monday to Friday from open to 6:00PM, and Saturday and Sunday from open to close

  • All confirmed bookings with no show will require 4 additional punches at the next visit.

  • Prices subject to change without notice

  • Terms and conditions subject to change without notice

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