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Brian Yang Event

It was a delight and an honor to host the most promising badminton player in Canada, Brian Yang, at our Club on Sunday, February 12th, 2023.

Brian Yang gave our Students the motivation and the tips to take their game to the next level.

He spoke about his game plan that he followed to become what he has become today.

He played 3-point games with all of the students who attended the event, and other members of our community as well.

What a privilege it was for them.

Nancy, Brian's mother, spoke about how parental support is of utmost importance in developing a badminton player.

He graciously gave his autograph to all requests and took pictures with everyone.

Everyone was so happy to be part of this event.

Thank you Brian, thank you Nancy, and thank you, Michael.

Enjoy the pictures from the event. The last picture slot is a link to see the video of the summarized version of this event posted on Brian Yang's Youtube channel (created by Michael Yang).

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