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Court Rentals

Weekday Pricing
Monday to Friday:  

12 pm - 3 pm  $20/hour
3 pm - 6 pm    $25/hour
6 pm- 11 pm   $28/hour*

Weekend Pricing
*Friday 10 pm to 12 am (2 hour booking only), Saturday and Sunday 

Holidays  $26/hour
(from open to 6:00 PM weekdays) 

NOTE: Court fee includes the use of the court for up to a maximum of 6 players. Seventh and eighth players can play for an additional fee of $5.50/hour of the booking.

Steps to Rent a Court:

1. Click on the Court Rental Request button below and fill out the required details.

2. You will receive an email response either confirming your booking day/time, or suggesting an alternate time for you to confirm.

3. Once the booking day and time has been approved, please e-transfer $15.00 per hour booked as a non-refundable rental deposit to, which will be credited in the club when you make your payment.

Please include the rental date and time in the message section of the e-transfer.

4.  After your deposit is received, you will receive an email confirmation of the booking. Please do not assume that your court has been booked unless you have  received this email.

5. Once confirmed, bookings cannot be cancelled without forfeiting the deposit. All rescheduling requests are subject to a $2/hour add-on charge. Rescheduling request will be considered if 12 daytime hours notice is provided.

See you on court!

  • All prices are subject to HST

  • Fees must be paid in full prior to going onto court

  • All players are required to wear gumsole non marking indoor shoes (no exceptions allowed)

  • All players shall abide by the Battledore Code of Conduct 

  • Prices subject to change at discretion of Management

  • Terms and conditions subject to change without notice

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