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Battledore Terms of Use for Recreational Play

It is the responsibility of the group booking leader to relay the following information to all of the registered participants in the booking.

Court Rental Policy


  • Battledore is a BOOKING ONLY facility. Please book courts online. Phone booking requests will not be confirmed.

  • All court bookings requests are made via our online form which can be found on our website under the Recreational Play section

  • All bookings require a $15 per hour Non Refundable deposit, to confirm your court day and time.

  • Any rescheduling is subject to a $2.00/hour + HST charge to be sent by e-transfer, and court availability

  • One time booking cancellations require 12 hours notice in order to re-use the deposit for a future booking, rescheduling fee will still apply

  • Recurring bookings are expected to play at their scheduled day and times. Any cancellations of recurring bookings require 48 hours notice to provide Battledore the opportunity to release the court for other players.

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your booking time. All late arrivals must be conveyed  via email or a phone call, in order for Battledore to hold your court beyond your starting time. Without notification, Battledore will hold the booked court for 15 minutes. If unclaimed, the court might be assigned to waiting groups.

  • All players are recommended to respect their play time. Please enter and exit the court at the designated time.

  • Number of maximum players per court booking included in the per hour rental fee is 6. A seventh or eighth player may be added for an additional drop in fee.

  • Please walk outside the court lines when entering and exiting the courts in order to keep everyone safe.

  • Only water and sports drinks are allowed in the play area

  • Chewing gum is not allowed on the courts

  • All outdoor shoes must be changed prior to entering the court area. Absolutely NO OUTDOOR SHOES at any time on the courts

  • Prices for court rentals are subject to change at any time.

  • Only Coaches who have been approved by the Club's Management  offer lessons and trainings at our Club.

  • Lessons ( one on one skills teaching, multi-shuttle training, fitness training, and any other activity that can be identified as a formal lesson) by parents, or other individuals are prohibited at the Club.


  • Respect staff and other players in the club at all times. Inappropriate language is neither expected nor tolerated and will result in the revoke of your use of the facility

  • All players must check in at the front desk prior to entering the court area

  • Please take care of your personal belongings. Battledore is not responsible for lost or stolen items 

  • Recreational court play is an exclusive privilege to use the facility and the services offered

  • Battledore reserves the right to revoke court play time if any of the above rules are not followed.



  • It is recommended that all players wear appropriate badminton clothes while playing the sport of Badminton in order to enjoy your play and to avoid injury

  • It is the responsibility of all players to bring their own rackets, shoes and shuttles. These items are not included in the court rental fee.


Badminton Shoes

  • Badminton Shoes With All Colours of Soles Approved for Play:

Yonex, Li-Ning, Victor, Mizuno, Forza

  • All other brands of shoes, which include but are not limited to the following: Fila, Nike, Reebok, Sketchers, Asics, Head, Decathlon, etc. The sole colour MUST be a beige or clear ‘GUM’ sole, and be ergonomically flat (no spikes or sharp edges).

  • Battledore reserves the full right to not allow shoes to play on our courts based on our observation

  • All badminton shoes must be free of dirt and debris and not be worn into the Club from outside. Everyone MUST change into their badminton shoes before entering the main area.

  • Spectators must also remove their outdoor shoes when entering the facility and change into indoor shoes or slippers when in the facility 

  • Battledore Badminton strictly enforces its shoe policy in order to protect our green mats from marks and general damage, as well as the players. 



  • Battledore offers Shoes and Rackets for rental

  • It is the responsibility of the player to use these rental items properly at all times during your stay.

  • All broken rental racket frames will be charged $25/racket.

  • Rented shoes are not allowed to exit the facility at any time for any reason. If you need to leave the facility during your stay, please change back into your outdoor footwear, and back into the rental shoes when you re-enter the facility





The registered participant(s) acknowledge that Battledore has taken reasonable measures to ensure a safe environment. The participants bear the responsibility to assess and assume the risk of participating in the sport of Badminton at the Battledore Badminton facility. Badminton is a sport that may involve voluntary and involuntary competition exposing participants to risk of serious injury (injuries) and loss or damage direct or indirect, economic, personal, or consequential (damage). Participation in the sport of Badminton at Battledore Badminton may include the risk of contact by participants with allergens, pathogens, or other substances harmful to the participant due to pre-existing medical conditions including allergies, asthma and epilepsy, avoidance of which the treatment of which is solely the responsibility of the participant.


The participant acknowledges that Battledore, including it’s employees, and other parties at the Club, take no responsibility for injury or damage, risk of which is assumed solely by the participant however caused, whether by the deliberate or negligent conduct of the participant, spectators, bystanders, or Battledore Badminton


The participant understands that Battledore Badminton is not held liable for compensation for damage, including claims or suits arising from injury or damage suffered by the participant or other persons however caused. The participant acknowledges that Battledore Badminton is not held responsible for any personal lost or damaged items any time before, during, or after the tournament. The participant agrees to review and abide by the rules and regulations of the Battledore Badminton Club.


Photo Release Form While Playing at Battledore Badminton


Permission to Use Photograph and Subcription to Our Mailing List


I grant Battledore Badminton the right to take photographs of me and my property in connection with the above-identified subject. I authorize Battledore Badminton, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically.


I agree that Battledore Badminton may use such photographs of me with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content.

I allow Battledore to add my email to its distribution list. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time by emailing your request to

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