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Equipment for Playing Badminton

Battledore is a premium recreational facility. Bookings include the use of the court for the allotted time. Everything else that you require in order to play is your responsibility to either bring with you, or you can rent from the Club. There are three main things that are required in order to play badminton at our club:

1. Proper Badminton Shoes  - Only the following badminton indoor shoes are allowed on our courts:

  • Li Ning, Yonex, Victor, Mizuno, and Forza badminton indoor worn only shoes.

  • ALL other brands MUST have beige gum soles (see picture below), free from stones and dirt, and must be changed once you are inside the Club.

  • Rentals are available for $4.00/pair.

2. Badminton Racket - bring your own or rent from the Club for $4.00/racket

3. Shuttles - bring your own or purchase from the Club

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