All prices are subject to HST


One on one lesson

Beginner and Intermediate Lesson  $50

Advanced Lesson:


Two students in one lesson

Beginner and Intermediate Lesson:

Advanced Lesson:


Maximum of four students in one lesson

Beginner and Intermediate Lessons: $20

Advanced Lessons:  $25

Terms and Conditions for group lessons:

  • Group lessons are limited to a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 players per session

  • Each group lessons are one hour in length, however if only one player is present, the length of the session will be half an hour- equivalent to half hour private lesson.

  • Group lessons are purchased in a package of 10

  • All group lessons must be prepaid to reserve a spot in the desired group

  • For every ten lessons, a maximum of one (1) make-up will be provided in the same slot

  • If a student misses more than one lesson, it is their responsibility to discuss the opportunity of a make-up lesson in a different time slot within the same week.

  • Fees paid for lessons are non-refundable