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  • If I am joining lessons as a beginner student, what do I need to bring with me?"
    As a student, you are responsible for your own badminton racket and badminton shoes. If you are not yet ready to purchase these items, you can rent them from the club for an additional cost. For students during their lessons, we offer rental shoes for $2.00/pair instead of the usual $3.00 cost.
  • I am a member or hold an hours card, do I still need to check in every time that I enter the club?"
    Yes, each time you enter the facility, whether you are a member, a student, or renting a court, you need to check in with reception to let them know that you have arrived. If you are a member, please have your membership card ready for reception to check the expiry date.
  • If I am renting a court, when do I need to pay my fees?"
    All fees must be paid prior to your time on the court.
  • I paid a $10 deposit, do I get this money back?"
    Yes, the purpose of the deposit is only to hold the court rental booking. This money is deducted from the total amount that you pay when you enter the facility.
  • If I am renting a court, am I allowed to play on courts other than the one I rented?"
    When you rent a court, you are expected to play only on the court assigned to you.
  • How many players are allowed to be part of a court rental?
    We allow between 2 and 6 players to book a court. If you have more than six players you need to rent two courts.
  • Can I wear my running shoes when I play?
    We only allow Li Ning, Yonex and Victor indoor worn only badminton shoes, and other brands with gum rubber soles on our badminton courts. Outside shoes must be worn into the club and then you are to change into your badminton shoes. If you do not bring proper badminton shoes, you will be asked to rent from the club for $3.00.
  • Do you have rental shoes?
    We offer badminton shoes for rental. They cost $3.00 for the duration of your court rental.
  • Do you have rental rackets?
    Yes, we offer rental rackets for $3.00 for the duration of your court rental.
  • Do you sell badminton equipment?
    Battledore Badminton is an authorized dealer for both Yonex and Li Ning. Please come into the club to check out all of the products we have to offer. For additional infomration please see our Pro Shop page.
  • Do you string badminton rackets?
    Yes, we offer several kinds of Yonex and Li Ning string and use a top of the line Li Ning stringing machine to string your rackets. We will string your racket to your desired tension up to the tension limit that your racket is designed to sustain.
  • Do you sell clothes?
    Yes, we sell many different styles of shirts and shorts related to badminton for both men and woman.
  • Do You Sell Drinks and Snacks?
    Yes, we offer Gatorade, Vitamin Water, and water, along with snacks. Please come to the reception to request and also pay for these items.
  • What do I do with my rental equipment when I am done playing?
    Please bring your racket to reception, and your shoes to the shoe rental return shelf. Both of these items need to be sanitized before they can be used again.
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